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When you live in a region that hosts a real winter season your skin can get effed up. Long gone are the days when strawberry kiwi lip smacker could fix my problems. I have sensitive skin and the cold, dry air puts it in a funk. Here is a list of remedies that my friends and I can agree on. Tell the winter to eff off while you daydream about springtime.

Part I: Packaged Beauty Product Recommendations

Part II: Beauty in the Kitchen

Part III: Products for People with Intensely Sensitive Skin

Part IV: Tips and Tricks

Ready to eff the dry skin and hair funk??!?!

Part I: Packaged Beauty Product Recommendations

lips: Carmex

hair: Suave dry shampoo because washing your hair everyday can easily dry it out

face: John Masters pomegranate oil, African Shea Oil, Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough oil, Origins Modern Friction exfoliant, A Perfect World SPF 25 moisturizer, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

body: Nivea, Johnson & Johnson baby wash, Lubriderm body lotion

Part II: Beauty in the Kitchen

lips: olive oil

hair: clarify your scalp and add shine with a dark beer or a apple cider vinegar rinse in the shower (in between shampoo and conditioner)

face: use apple cider vinegar as a toner (rinse off with water before applying moisturizer)

everything: drink lots of water with lemon and eat superfoods… beauty comes from within. Duh.

Part III: Products for People with Intensely Sensitive Skin

These are all JM-approved. This gal is bffs with her dermatologist unfortunately. Here are the products she uses.

Eucerin oil body wash

Aquaphor – anything for everything

Kiehl’s avocado eye cream

Kiehl’s ultra face cream– day cream

Restorative night moisture cream

Aveeno body lotion

Part IV: Tips and Tricks

Pick a few and test them out.

-drink: a glass of water before bed and when you wake up in the morning

-drink: hot water with lemon before your morning coffee

-drink: two alcoholic beverages instead of three. Drink less=better skin

-eat: dinner X number of hours before bed. If you can feel your body digesting there won’t be enough energy for your skin to repair itself while you sleep. Do a bit of research to see what number X is to you.

-eat: food like avocados that have vitamins B & E which strengthen your hair. They also have good fat (monounsaturated) which help your skin cells stay strong.

-exercise: I tend to ignore this one, but when you sweat and improve blood circulation, it makes a noticeable difference.

-sleep: in a room with moisture (not dry heat)

-exfoliate: your face once a week

-clean: make-up brushes regularly (I like to use Johnson & Johnson baby wash)

-think: less. Stress causes break-outs. Stress is caused when you take a list of bothersome topics and run them through your mind over and over. Just effing knock it off now.

-learn: about Ayurveda

-wear: sunscreen like it’s your g-d- job!


-your fabulous skin