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My commute to and from work is seventy-five minutes of swimming upstream. I’ve been doing the opposite commute for a little over three years. Most days I don’t pay attention to the small annoyances as I power walk through the NYC crowds (initially, it was sensory overload and I couldn’t handle the aggression). Other days, I’m exhausted before I reach my desk. My best commuting days are when I’m in cruise-control. My eyes are glazed over, stride powerful, ipod loud, and I’m watching the body language of the next five people headed my way in anticipation of pedestrians stopping short, swerving into my path, or my favorite, the person who gets so nervous that they half-stop to let you pass, but they don’t surrender the space to do so (mostly tourists).

I’m proud of my ability to swerve through a crowd of commuters/locusts swarming in opposite directions. It’s a small win for the day if I can maintain my speed without bumping into anyone: I’m invincible. The days when I’m tired/hungry/both, miss my connecting train by one minute, wish I could get back into the city in time for yoga/happy hour, have trouble navigating pedestrians, wear shoes that slow me down, and sweat through my clothes en route to work in 90 degree heat-those are rough days. Commuting is an effing sport.

Now add another person to the equation. Oy vey. I can navigate life as a single person like a pro (with a few moments of anger that quickly pass). Navigating the crowds with another person is both easier and harder. Relationships are an effing sport. Unlike commuting through New York City, relationships are a gentleman’s sport with rules on kindness, politeness, and basic decency (side note: don’t try to commute with NBA pro Metta World Peace). I have trouble following the rules. Who doesn’t? Each couple has a different set of rules that you find out the hard way together. Can I get four minutes on the penalty clock please?

Don’t let Valentine’s Day put you in a funk. Relationships are more than chocolate hearts in February (a naturally depressing month). They require work if you’re in one (i.e. figuring out if your partner has high expectations for Valentine’s Day), and if you haven’t quite figured out the singles commute, playing doubles will not be easier. You could become so frustrated that you kick a tourist’s wheely suitcase. Not nice. I love New York! Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo