Raise your hand if you just spent a lot of money on holiday gifts/plane tickets/etc. Ugh, financial funk. Eff it all! Sorry Santa. They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. I’m here to tell you otherwise. Here is a compilation of freebies. Feel “free” to share more in the comments section!

Free digital magazines:

Lonny Mag – home decor

Rue – home decor

Sweet Paul – cooking & crafting

Net-a-porter – fashion mag created by online retailer

And a long list of free art magazines

Free learning opportunities:

Take free online courses through MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley on topics ranging from architecture, to entrepreneurship, to foreign language.

OR… Take free craft courses through Craftsy on topics ranging from quilt backs to buttercream frosting.

Free financial planning & advice:

Use Mint to balance your budget after the holidays.

Free samples:

Give companies like Target valuable marketing information in exchange for free samples.

Free (close to free) travel opportunities:

Use the creative Budget Travel guide to help you travel for next to nothing. One of the best things about traveling is making friends with fellow travelers who live in other countries. You can stay with them in their home on a future trip.

OR… stay on an organic farm in exchange for manual labor through WWOOF-USA. This is a great idea for someone who recently graduated and is looking for a project before they enter a career, someone who is between jobs, or someone who just loves to work on the land.

FYI, some volunteer trips are tax deductible in the US!

Free junk:

Barter your junk for someone else’s junk through Craigslist or other websites. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Have you heard of the Barter Kings? Side note, please be smart about how you interact with people you meet online.

Free tv:

Remember how much you loved Sesame Street as a child? Fall in love with free PBS programming again by watching it streaming online. I recommend Roadtrip Nation and I’m excited for the 2013 premier of Makers: The Women Who Make America. Similar to Makers is The Conversation, which already completed its first season on Lifetime and can be viewed for free online also.