The exhibit “Picasso Black and White” opened two days ago at The Guggenheim Museum in New York. I went today and I have a newfound appreciation for the artist. From my limited exposure in the past, I had convinced myself that I wasn’t a fan of his work. So many cubist paintings of disproportionate faces. Not my scene.

I was wrong. After climbing to the top of the rotunda (the Frank Lloyd Wright building is not your typical museum layout), I didn’t fall in love with his work but I did start to appreciate his style. If I was an artist I would attempt to paint a portrait exactly the way I saw it- almost like a photograph. That wasn’t his goal for most of his work. Now that I know a little about his life and have seen over one hundred of his pieces, I can form an idea of what he was working towards and how successful he was at sharing his message as an artist. I respect Picasso.

Before today, I didn’t have the background story, vocabulary, or exposure to understand Picasso. I was convinced I disliked him.

“Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.” Dalai Lama XIV

What or who makes you uncomfortable? Which feeling/opinion/emotion have you been holding onto with a vice grip? Do you just need to take the time to educate yourself? Take a minute and really sit with the feeling like a pig sits in mud….

Identify this feeling.

Why are you holding on so tight?

What would happen if you changed your perspective? Would the walls collapse? Would you be forced to paint an accurate, cubist, self-portrait instead of the face you choose to show the world everyday? Eff the funk and change your perspective.