Oh-em-gee… it’s my birthday today! Thank you for your support.

I started this blog and have continued to maintain it for two reasons: I was in what felt like more than a funk (slight depression) and a woman I grew up with first grade through college passed away unexpectedly. I knew that I had no time to waste but these two things made that cliché sink into my bones.

Don’t waste time. Live for the weekends, but also live for the weekdays. Also, try to be helpful to the people you encounter in life. Doing those two things have helped me “stay awake” in the figurative sense and I hope I’m successful in showing that through my online persona (This blog you’re reading… Yes! This one right here!). Thank you for reading my blog, commenting, and giving me feedback in person. You’re helping me feel helpful and I appreciate that more than any compliment I could ever receive on my outfits or my baking (areas where I occasionally receive compliments hehe).

For my birthday, please help me eff the funk. Share the love I have for all of you by sharing a piece of me with someone you know. Here’s how:

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5. Share my url with friends and family the old-fashioned way (print my blog, scribble “you should read this” on the top, fold it a few times, and then snail-mail it to your grandchildren)

Thank you in advance. You’re the best! xoxo