Fact: not everyone flosses between their teeth. It separates the people who are passionate about dental hygiene from the people who just rub the toothbrush bristles around in their mouth for a beat so their teeth won’t fall out.

There is a similar divide when it comes to voting for the POTUS. There are people who are passionate about gun control, reproductive rights, tax breaks, religion in the government, etc. Then there are people who don’t feel passionate about any issues, know a bit about how the electoral college affects votes (check out this short, free, non-partisan podcast from Stuff You Should Know), and don’t make the effort to vote. They’re disengaged, disenchanted, and in a political funk.

Here’s the thing: you are free to choose whether or not to floss. That freedom comes with responsibility. If you choose not to floss and plaque builds up between your teeth, it’s your own fault.

If you choose not to vote this fall and you’re unhappy with results, then you’re not allowed to complain for four years. Remember, Santa’s watching! Kidding of course…

Freedom equals the right to choose, which comes with responsibility. Eff the funk and choose to vote on November 6, 2012.

Do you need to register? Some states have a deadline of 30 days before the election. Don’t miss your deadline! Here ya go!

Do you need an absentee ballot? Visit your state’s website. Many states allow you to download the request for a ballot then mail it in. It must be received by the time polls close on Election Day in order to be counted.