I’m a desk jockey and I have a naturally tight lower back so my job is essentially painful (bad joke). Vinyasa yoga has helped me alleviate this pain. If you aren’t ready to dive into a yoga class, I’ve enlisted Tina, Vinyasa yoga teacher extraordinaire, to prescribe a few poses that will help you loosen up. It’s ideal to stretch right before bed so you can literally shake off the day, but feel free to do these whenever you’re feelin’ funky. Eff the 9-to-5-sitting-at-a-desk funk and move around!

I’m the guinea pig in this segment. We won’t attempt to enter Sundance with this short film, but it serves it’s purpose. The imitation Kurt Cobain in the background is throwing mad shade but I think Amy W. is supportive. It wasn’t my original intention to feature two dead celebrities in a wellness video… Oops! Let’s get started!

That was just a small taste of T! Kristina (Tina/T) Pugh is a wonderful teacher. We filmed about 18 minutes of Vinyasa for another project 8 months ago. She currently teaches at Yoga High on the Lower East Side and Harbor Fitness in Park Slope. Feel free to leave comments/questions for her to answer. We’re roommates so it should be easy for me to track her down!