I often feel like I’m having an out of body experience. These hands feed me, these legs carry me, these eyes guide me, but I feel as if they’re on loan. I spend more time wandering in my mind than engaging in physical activity. The only time my body has more control than my brain is when I’m dancing (oftentimes in a bar/club on a Saturday night)

When the film The Black Swan was released in 2010, I was reminded of my love for ballet and I promised myself I would take an adult beginners class at a local studio. That promise has yet to be fulfilled. The problem is twofold: I am afraid I will repeatedly embarrass myself in an adult beginners class (this is NYC so many of the students will not be “beginners” in the strictest-sense of the word), and the muscles in my legs and lower back are too tight for me to reach the floor bending over on a good day. I convinced myself that I need to increase the amount of yoga I do so that my muscles will be more limber. Then, I will be ready to take a ballet class. This is not a legitimate reason.

I don’t feel legitimate. Who knows what that means when it comes to dancing. My goal isn’t to become a professional dancer. I dance for my own enjoyment. My brain is working overtime to create roadblocks. There is nothing actually stopping me from going to a class.

Eff the funk and believe you’re 2 legit 2 quit! Whether you’re in school, working towards a promotion, attempting to change fields, or wandering with minimal direction, don’t doubt yourself. If working toward your goal makes you feel slightly uncomfortable, then ask yourself why. Is it fear, or is something more serious standing in your way?

I’ll leave you with Hammer… Side note: How flipping boss are those black, double-breasted suits?!