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The opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics were bizarre. The intent was to teach an overview of the history of the UK but the execution was off. Personally, I think that made it more enjoyable to watch. Once the performance reached the industrialization age I commented, “It’s strange they left out that whole imperialism thing.” The Olympics are about celebrating your nationality on a global playing field. If asked, the Queen Mum might declare that this is not the appropriate time or place to discuss negative events from the past (I mean present?). When is the appropriate time?

During my recent trip to Berlin we spent time both acknowledging the past and celebrating the present. Eff the funk and dig up the past so you can live free from the ties that bind you. This will mean something different for everyone.

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I’m headed to Berlin in three days. This is my first trip to Europe. I decided to brush up on my history since I could only remember a few general WWII facts. Berlin’s history is dark and as a result, it’s citizens are conflicted about their collective identity. Which events/buildings/sites should be memorialized? Which should be buried in the past?

Imagine experiencing multiple traumatic events in one lifetime with your siamese twin: you want to deny these events occurred and your twin wants to talk about them often in order to find some peace. You are constantly trying to negotiate which part of your “story” is real and how that affects your identity. Heavy subject matter.

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