It’s ideal to pretend that my credit card statement isn’t a direct result of my actions. I’m good at displaying a look of surprise when really I should be more embarrassed that I didn’t have an idea of the current balance before logging into my account online. Eff the financial funk and whip that budget into shape. When you’re spending is out of whack it can cause unnecessary stress. Wouldn’t you like to avoid that and maintain your cool-as-a-cucumber status?

A mere five days ago I signed up for the service HelloWallet – think Quicken but for the app generation. I felt comfortable handing sensitive financial information over to this company because a) my company invited them to set up shop in our cafe for the day, b) the HelloWallet executive team has an impressive composite resumé, and c) they have been featured and applauded in all of the major newspapers.

What can it do???? What can’t it do?! Here are some screenshots I found. There is a free app but you can work within the regular website also.

  • Link your savings/checking accounts and credit card to one account using high security technology
  • Categorize all spending and sort it within your predetermined budget for the month
  • Provide weekend spending guidance: I received an email Friday afternoon with a suggested weekend budget based on the amount I budgeted for the month for “groceries,” “restaurants,” and “fun times & bars.”
  • Clarifies which spending habits are hurting savings
  • And much more…

This service is $8.95/month for individuals and includes the guarantee that they will not to sell your financial information (spending habits) to anyone. I’m lucky enough that my company is currently paying that monthly fee. Contact your HR department if you’re interested in signing up. It can’t hurt to ask them to look into footing the bill. I would assume they receive a discounted rate for groups.

Please note that I’m not receiving compensation from HelloWallet for this post. I’m just a happy customer :)