I maintain a list of my goals to remind myself the things that I already accomplished and the things that I am working towards in the future. It’s a file on my computer named “Now” (trick yourself into thinking these goals are urgent) and I edit it every few months. Here is a sampling of my current goals:

  • Keep in regular contact with old friends who live out of state
  • Learn Spanish
  • Attend more cheap concerts
  • Perfect my handstand and crow positions in yoga
  • Travel more
  • Start contributing to my 401(k)

Then below that I write a quick action plan for each goal.

  • Call one person a week after I get home from work.
  • Save money from each paycheck to buy Rosetta Stone.
  • Sign up to receive newsletter emails from venues like Le Poisson Rouge and The Living Room.
  • Work on my core strength.
  • Make plans to visit friends who live out of state.
  • 401(k) goal- completed

It might be better to label them as “intentions” instead of “goals” because they aren’t things you aim for and miss. You can start working on them at anytime and deem yourself “successful.” Just by defining your intentions you are closer to fulfillment than when you woke up this morning.

It’s hard to be in a funk when you realize that you have so much to look forward to! Now can someone please push me off the couch so I stop wasting so much time watching The Vampire Diaries? I’m in a Damon coma.